Alleged Sword Killer Charged With Murder as Terrorism

“The white race is being eroded. … No one cares about you. The Chinese don’t care about you, the blacks don’t care about you,” he said.

In the air

That sentiment, the one that fuels so much angry violence, is very palpable. I hear it a lot, in plain language, from people who aren’t trying to be racist, while expressing what they feel is happening to their America. 1950s America was far more romantic for some, than it was for others. It was the blossoming of post-war Baby Boomerism. Made In America was the gold standard in the global economy. We were really good at making great stuff, in great quantities. The suburbs were just becoming a new thing. Highways gave way to freeways, and America as a whole shifted from rural to metropolitan in huge waves of young families eager for well-paying jobs and all the new shiny stuff you could buy with it.

I get that. Pleasantville. “Back when I was your age. . .” etc. We all want a prosperous time to live in again. I know I do.

But let’s be real

Minorities aren’t the downfall of America. We’re just the visible symptoms of a much deeper problem. We’re the first to suffer, and the last to heal. We did not ruin America. We didn’t bring the drugs and weapons into the US. We didn’t keep education and jobs away from us, for generations. We DID NOT INVENT WELFARE. It was forced upon us. And it’s not easy to get off of welfare, by design. Talk to the people who tried, even the ones who succeeded, regardless of color.

Timothy Caughman was collecting bottles at 36th St. and Ninth Ave. when he was killed. (TIMOTHY CAUGHMAN VIA TWITTER/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

We’re just the scapegoat. The easy targets. After all, this is the same society that loves to blame the victims and sympathize with the exploiters. The same society that puts more scrutiny on rape victims than their attackers. An angry armed man chases down an unarmed non-provoking teenager down a public street, and kills him, and it’s somehow the teen to blame. When the housing bubble burst, we didn’t blame the banks and insurance companies for forging signatures and forcing illegal foreclosures, we blamed the victims for trying to live beyond their means.

Racism isn’t “the” problem.

It’s the very visible symptom of deeper problems in the heart of our nation. Our government officials view eachother as bitter rivals rather than fellow lawmakers. We have a private prison system designed to drain taxpayer dollars and enforce a demand for law enforcement to fill those cells or face lawsuits. We owe more money to Russia and China, our political rivals, than we invest in our own country.

I’m not going to simply blame this on Trump’s America. America had this sentiment long before this election cycle. Racial violence isn’t new. It’s just making news. And that makes it more palpable. And more inflammatory. Because people who used to just mumble under their breaths, are now speaking up, and taking up arms.

How is killing innocent people a rational means of Making America Great Again? Is a “purge” going to make the United States “pure” again? That is just a patriotic way of saying “genocide.” Ask the Native Americans about that. And the European Jews of WW2.

It’s only going to get worse.

Too many people have too much animosity pent up, regardless of skin color, political affiliation, gender. We want blood. We want someone to pay for whatever we’re angry about. It doesn’t matter who “we” are.

So we can’t find racism with hate. It doesn’t work that way. You can’t put out a raging fire by throwing more kindling on it. The only way to put out that fire is to starve it. Deprive it of fuel and air.

This will probably be my last “lengthy” post on my timeline. More about that later.

Source: Alleged Sword Killer Charged With Murder as Terrorism

Source: Original NY Daily News Interview with killer