Ditching the Political Bandwagons

It seems funny that everybody, regardless of ideology, considers me a liberal, mainly because i preach universal equality. I never really consider that a partisan ideology.

I am, at heart, a moderate conservative.

I agree with the basic party platform of fiscal responsibility, Constitutional protections, strengthened defense, smaller government and greater individual freedoms, for example. I personally think the liberal ideologies are too ideological and not grounded enough in daily reality.

But in the real world, i have found Republican practices of their platforms to be selfishly serving, self-defearing, and often bigoted. GOP policies and laws criminalize poverty as a means to end it, which backfires and worsens it. A stronger defense translates only into greater defense spending, more weapons and more wars, without a focus on better soldiering, intelligent and agile leadership, and more effective strategies. Simply put, when was the last time a Democrat sent us into a prolonged indecisive expensive war?  Also, name any policy from the GOP in the last 50 years that promoted racial or gender equality.

That does not mean i bleed blue. I consider the Democratic party the lesser of two evils. If i were White, i probably would be Republican. But i am not, and i cannot support politicians whose bulletpoints target me as an enemy to my own country. A country i fought to become a part of, a country i have served patriotically in and out of uniform. I felt forced to vote Democrat to protect myself and my communities from hostile policies and practices. Forced because Democrat lawmakers talk a good game, but still do not stand firm to protect, defend and promote our rights and liberties as American citizens, unless it’s politically convenient.

Ready for Hillary

Long before she ran for President, i identified ideologically with HRC. A moderate conservative who was forced to become a liberal on paper as the best way to fight the good fight. She was a prized Goldwater Girl who realized the GOP was never going to support her fight for women and minority rights as equals in a White-male-dominated society.

Today, the DNC has done the same to minorities what the RNC has always done to women and minorities. We even had a Black President who proudly put executive pen to paper on LGBT issues, but did little more than gave condolence speeches when it came to Black and ethnic minority issues.

The Bandwagon is Too Crowded

So, today, i am ditching the two-party mindset altogether. I am done wasting my breath and energy on an endless winless war. I am a moderate independent. My vote will be based solely on the relevance of issues. And no matter how small, my vote still counts. I am not trying to win a popularity contest. I am not here to support likely winners. I am here to vote my conscience, no matter how unpopular it may be. The right thing to do is more important.

As more Americans decide to also think for themselves, the major parties will have a less of a grip on American politics. Which in turn will mean corporations will pay less to support them. In order to keep getting the money, the parties will have to do whatever it takes to win back voters. At that point, we should balk at empty promises and hold out for actual results.

I will ally myself to any candidate, any legislation that

  • puts the people first
  • does not target another party or represented group(s) of people
  • is fiscally responsible
  • is specific in plan
  • does not undrrmine universal Constitutional application.

If you can’t cover that, you can’t have my support.

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