In America, Naturalized Citizens No Longer Have an Assumption of Permanence

Okay folks. When I questioned the permanence of my own citizenship under the current administration, y’all said “he’s only going to kick out ILLEGAL immigrants. You’re a citizen. You’ve got nothing to worry about. Since inauguration, we have seen ICE indiscriminately round up people, even legal residents, assumed they were all illegal, and deprived them of due process, by the thousands. Legality wasn’t verified, it was just assumed. If you looked illegal, you probably were illegal.

And now, that same government is going after actual US citizens. Naturalized citizens. Looking once again, for illegals. Likely by the same subjective nature as with immigrants.

My military service won’t mean squat. Veterans get deported all the time. You can tell me about their priors, but for every one criminal you can name, I can probably pull five that met and kept their obligations and still found themselves thrown out of the country they served, like a common criminal.

My patriotism for this country and its people won’t mean squat.

My footprint in America. My legacy

I speak for many fellow naturalized residents: it’s not easy to become a citizen. I promise you that most citizens can’t even come close to passing the citizenship exams. Unapologetically, I can tell you I earned my citizenship. And I’ve kept earning it after I got it. Despite all the bigotry and hatred that I’ve faced by just about every community in this country, I still love this place, and what it could be. It gives me pride to work towards building the United States of America that actually upholds it’s Constitution in full, for all its citizens. I want this to be the place of the National Anthem. I want the Pledge of Allegiance recited with hope and fidelity.

And yet, right now, this very country is run by people who preach that people like me are animals, savages, vermin infesting this country.

If there is actually going to be a scrutinizing of American citizenship, I say it should have a Melania Clause: Her status has to pass the test. Anything that would’ve failed her and gets waived, should be waived for EVERY US citizen going through the same process. If her Visa expired and she’s still legit, then expired visa violations should be scrubbed from the books for everybody else. Whatever paperwork she didn’t have completed on-time, should be dismissed for everyone else. If Melania stays, then she should be the rule, NOT the exception. She is, after all, the First Lady of the United States.

It deeply bothers me that people like me across this country – people you depend on, people you trust, people you value – have to second-guess our place in this country, among this society, by this government. It’s insulting.

Minorities who refused to be disadvantaged

You think you’re purifying this country. History has time and again shown that that is NEVER the case. Even in this own country’s very brief history, every effort to homogenize America was done inhumanely, and with no civility. Look at how we “Americanized” Hawaii.

You’re not purifying America. You’re destroying it.

For example, there is a growing demand for skilled jobs here, and not enough applicants. If the tariffs are designed to boost American productivity, then it’s doomed to fail if there isn’t a labor force to drive that production. Factories are still going overseas, one annexed operation at a time. If labor and service industries are starting to sound the alarm over the shortages, why were we bragging about the lowest unemployment ever? I don’t hear a peep from the White House about promoting skilled domestic labor.

Look at homelessness in America. It’s obviously overrunning Sacramento. Our rivers are contaminated by the waste they’re generating from their camps.

The USD has been decommissioned from major global trade markets.

Space Force. The legacy of the JSF development and delivery is a foreshadow of what’s to come.

How much is the cost of insulin these days?

Where are we, right now, in global rankings, for successful healthy birthrates?

How much money do we directly owe to China? Japan? Ireland? Russia?

America, pay attention to what actually affects our daily lives. 

It’s easy to think I’m over-reacting. Anyone who doesn’t have to stand in front of a gun will argue the merits of dodging a bullet.  Within ONE YEAR, we’ve gone from “You have nothing to worry about Chan” to “You probably don’t have anything to worry about Chan.” Let’s have this talk again this time next year, and compare notes.

America 2018.


Source: In America, Naturalized Citizens No Longer Have an Assumption of Permanence

A new task force is built on the premise that the United States is under attack by malevolent immigrants.


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