Sibling Rivalry and God’s Plan
The fraternal bond between God’s favorite sons Lucifer (Satan) and Joshua (Jesus) is core to our human nature. Lucifer, the bearer of light, was the favorite son of illumination. Despite what the Bible says, God always had a plan for his first son, even if He never bothered to let junior in on it. There’s no coincidence that Satan’s angelic name meant “bringer of light”, or “the illuminating one”. He is after all the serpent who tempted Eve with the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. And dooming mankind from the get-go. As the story goes.

Champion of Mankind?

The One Who Fell From Grace believes that mankind has the intellectual capacity to survive, adapt and evolve. That with our superior cognitive functions compared to all of His other creations, we don’t need God. We can solve problems. We can imagine. We can invent. And think. And he believes that man should be free to think on his own, willing to learn the hard way along the way. After all, why would God give man sentience, and not expect the little guy to go out and use it willingly?

Little Brother

The younger brother disagrees. While mankind does indeed have the intellectual capacity gifted in Gods own image, mankind however lacks the intuitive compassion to temper it with. Pure intellectualism is knowledge without wisdom. Mankind has great potential, but the youngest of God’s living creations needs guidance. Knowledge can be learned, but wisdom must be taught.
God knew exactly what He had in store with His first son, from the moment He anointed him Lucifer. This child is going to serve a great purpose in the grand scheme of things. He was the favorite son, even among his brethren. He was the general of God’s armies. He was going to bring light to the universe in ways unimaginable to what they already know.

God made him special

Lucifer, before the fall, was as unique to his angel brethren as his little brother Jesus is unique to his fellow mankind. Compared to his unquestioningly loyal brethren in heaven, Lucifer was different. He was a thinker. And he asked questions. And worse, he had doubts. Doubts that his omnipotent Father may not be as all-knowing as He claims to be. After all, the entire heavens watched in curious excitement as God unfurled the universe in seven cosmic days. From the Big Bang to the fig leaves, all gasped in awe and wonder. Except one. One arrogant-thinking son who thinks he can do better. Lucifer came to earth to bring sentience and knowlege to mankind.

His father’s bidding

But Jesus came back to remind his wayward brother, and those of us who tend to follow him, that knowledge needs wisdom. And compassion. Knowledge gave us Oppenheimer. Wisdom gave us Einstein. Knowledge is knowing what you want. Wisdom is understanding what you need. Jesus came down to earth on behalf of his Father to prove a point. That God’s Way is better, if you truly follow it. And to prove it, unlike his supernatural older brother, the younger brother shed his sacred immortality and lived the life of an ordinary man. And he did exactly what his Father commanded, and not just teaching it. He became a living example of righteousness. It can be done. Because he did it as a mortal.
But Lucifer obviously wasn’t convinced because the Children of Moses are homeless still even centuries past the forty years it took to get there. And because all we gotta do is look around. Not much has really changed since. Lucifer is still everybody’s favorite son. No contest. Some of us know Jesus. But everybody knows the Devil. Regardless of what language, culture, religion or nation. Lucifer doesn’t need a biblical gospel to convert believers. Word of mouth seems to work well for him in any age.
Wondering why God sent Lucifer before Jesus, if at all, misses the point of what Hes’ s trying to teach us. Knowledge is needing to know who to blame for failure. Wisdom is understanding that we can only focus on our parts that we control, if we hope to succed the next time.

Devil’s advocate

Lucifer obviously has a convincing argument. We can choose to be good or bad without ever knowing anything about God. Child molesting priests and coked out evangelicals know God. They have a degree in Godology. And Ghandi wasn’t Christian. Or Jewish. And we all think that Muslims, the other children of Abraham, are terrorists. An unexpected stranger becomes a hero by helping free decades-captive kidnapped victims, and we show our appreciation for such heroism by mocking him with memes.

Angels 2.0

We, as a species, have done, are doing, and will continue to do some pretty messed up things. Its crazy to think that Gods plan includes both Mr Rogers and the BTK serial killer. Lucifer would rather encourage us to learn the hard way, figure it all out on our own, without the need for omnipotent babysitting. If God is going to give us life and mortality, then why not take off the training wheels off and let us rock it like we stole it?
Because, knowledge without wisdom sucks. Knowledge tells you what its worth. Wisdom tells you whether or not it’s worth it. Knowledge convinced us that we needed tens of thousands of nuclear warheads to protect our lands from threat. Wisdom would have been to use that same amount of nuclear fuel to provide unlimited cheap energy to every corner of the world, for generations to come.
The wayward brother may never go back home. But thanks to his wiser little brother, we can, if we wanted to.

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