The Science of Astrology

I think we’re about as clueless about spirituality as we are about religion, maybe more.  It’s the limiting drag on our species evolution. We’re not ready for the next step, we haven’t had the evolutionary lightbulb moment. But I think that we’re starting to percolate. 

Science, bitches!

I am foremost a man of science. I will scientific method the shit out of something, if I really want to know what’s going on. That doesn’t mean I’m a purist, but if you want to make me a believer, you know the drill. Nerds like me are usually very skeptical of the supernatural, and the superhuman. Astrology is not astronomy, so it must be a “pseudo-science”. 

Elliptical harmony

While I am certain that there’s a lot of “hocus-pocus” to how it’s interpreted and exploited, I will concede that there is “something” to the cosmic harmony/chaos  balance that affects our own senses of balance.  I don’t think it’s as layman as “you’re going to have to watch your money closely over the next two weeks.” However, it is all somehow tied together, and when things align a certain way in the skies, it’s plausible that there can be a cosmic ripple effect.

Solar weather

We now know that solar winds exist, and it’s way more complicated than “wind,” we have a full-blown cutting-edge study of it called heliophysics. And I am completely blown away by the dynamics of “solar weather” between the sun and Pluto, and all the planets in-between.

In simplest terms, when we have a solar eclipse, the impact is very obvious. When the moon blocks the sun in the middle of the day, there is no “broad daylight.” It gets darker, and with no beaming sun down on us, it gets a little cooler too.  And for those on a more regular cycle, like the people who live within the Arctic Circle, the psychological and behavioral symptoms are more than just palpable. For natives, it’s not a big deal, but ask any newcomer who had to endure is first week-long “day” with no sunset, or a weekly “night”, where you get the occasional tease of sunrise, only be disappointed, again.  There are observable psychological and emotional responses to astrology on the local scale.

Harmonic gravity

Who’s to say that’s impossible to effect on a much grander scale? Both the sun and the moon have such a powerful gravitational pull on the Earth, that it can pull oceans of water, away from the earth, giving us diurnal tides. Even when they’re on the other side of the planet, we get the weakened gravity pulling away, creating low tide, as Earth’s own gravity is stronger without the interference. It’s my belief that the harmonic churnings of our earliest primordial oceans that gave rise to life on the most basic level.

And while it’s not consciously felt by our bodies, but the stronger/weaker pulls of Earth’s own gravity (our 9.8m/s2) are tied to the spirals of the other planets, even Pluto. As they’re spinning by, the closer they come to one another, the more their combined gravities try to pull them together, slightly towards when catching up, drag them slightly apart when trailing away.  With the exception of Uranus, whenever all of the planets are in a straight line with the sun, they are also passing by eachother at different speeds and distances, at the same time. In that instant, the combined momentum of the spoke on the wheel is going to be more than the individual sums. The larger planets get thrown back a bit, while they slingshot the smaller planets forward quite a bit more.

The sun’s astrology

It would be interesting to see how (if at all) the synchronizing of planets have observable effects on the sun, like CME behavior and sunspot activities. 

Puppets on electromagnetic strings

Whenever the sun acts up, eight minutes later, waves of raw solar energy crashes against our magnetosphere, striking and igniting gases, painting stunning boreales in the skies around our poles. While we may barely (if at all) hear the collective crackle or feel the collective boom, those scattered energies are enough to drive atmospheric conditions to not just create weather, but affect climate. Why wouldn’t our nervous systems collectively feel the same through the dispersion of the electromagnetic noise of the Borealis? And we already know that changes in electrochemistry affect changes in biochemistry. Why else would be use tasers, EKGs and electroshock therapy?  We see static electricity travel across the body, spiking hair and sometimes crawling skin because the discharge excites nerves just below the skin, from a simple ballon. Think of the amount of voltage it takes to create skies of electric paint, and the e/m noise it must make. Far below our physiological thresholds, but maybe enough to tickle our central nervous system one way or another.

‘Tis the seasons

Forensically, there is an arguably scientific basis for astrology. I think the loose notion of evidence is that nearly every culture has some form of astrology/astronomy/astrography. After all, we base our seasons on where and when the earth is relative to the sun. We are either hot, or cold, wet or dry, fed or hungry, based on how close/far we are from the sun. And that “wobble” is created by the collective push/pull of the other planets, moons and asteroids over eons. It’s because of our planetary siblings that we have Winter and Summer.  Without the other planets, we would still have weather, but no seasons. And since the greatest collective pull is away from the sun by the gas giants (not fair for tiny Mercury and Mars), without them, we would be even closer to the sun, so likely a VERY hot summer, every day.

Da Planethood

We can’t live on Earth without the other planets dancing with us in synchronicity. Our existence depends on their existence. So, the planets do affect us. And while I still think the interpretations of the effects are *ahem* “hocus pocus,” I still think that they’re at least onto something. 

God and Gaia

I don’t think that we are even close to understanding God. I believe that many of us are trying to, but I think we’re all virgins trying to describe a sexual experience. We think we know, but we don’t.

So if we can barely wrap our heads around religion, how can we expect to recognize true spirituality? I think we’re close. I think that there is a dynamic connection between us and the natural world, one we should try to spend more time exploring and nurture that dynamic. 

Time of the sign

Because of seasons, and of the causes of them mentioned before, I’m more open-minded about astrological signs and associated traits.  I don’t think we “get it” just yet. As soon as we stop treating it like advanced fortune cookie science, we will make amazing strides into what we now consider the paranormal. I don’t believe in astrology, but anybody who knows me, knows I’m so scorpio. People who don’t even know my name yet, can guess up front what my sign is. So I can’t say something fake when it turns out to be true for me. Just because I don’t get how it works, doesn’t mean it’s not working.

Human beacons

Winning lotto numbers? Not likely. Tons of money coming your way? I certainly hope so. Hocus pocus. And yet, if we are now seeing how Wi-Fi signals are affecting plants and radar is screwing up bird migration patterns, we know that our world is affected by electromagnetic energy in acute doses. We are all walking wireless transcievers with our own frequencies and antennas.  What are we going to learn about the universe, and ourselves, when we start studying the more obtuse, more cohesive dynamic of electromagnetic systems in and around us?

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